Frequently Asked Questions

Will my insurance cover the cost of therapy?
While you are responsible for the payment at the time of visit, some insurance companies may reimburse you for treatment with an out-of-network provider.  New clients are encouraged to call our office to ask questions and learn about the fees and method of payment.

If you are using insurance, there is no guarantee your appointment will be covered.  See the following page entitled "Insurance" for additional information.

How many visits will it take to solve my problem?
The number of visits required to “solve” a problem is unique to the concerns of each individual.  In the beginning, we will spend time together to understand why you are seeking therapy and the goals you have. Once this is complete, a treatment plan will be created and discussed with you. The number of visits cannot be predicted but the intent is to provide what you need to be successful on your own. Often a client may come weekly to therapy as the therapeutic relationship develops, and over time the sessions will decrease to every other week and then to once a month.

How long is each session?
Each session lasts 50 to 60 minutes.

Are services confidential?
ABSOLUTELY. Your session is confidential. All communication is privileged and thus protected by law. In order for any information to be shared with someone your written consent is required. The only time the privilege can be broken is when a person is a danger to himself or others, or when a child or elder may be abused or neglected.

We want to put you at ease.  If you have more questions, please see the Contact page and call or email.